DATEV integration - Automatic Data Transfer

estos ProCall can automatically synchronize data between DATEV Arbeitsplatz Pro and estos ProCall in large part. By setting "Automatic Data Transfer", all phone calls will be synchronized (regardless of any properties) with DATEV Arbeitsplatz Pro. Setting the following options has a restrictive effect (similar to black listing) on synchronization with DATEV Arbeitsplatz Pro.

  • Answered Calls Only: Missed calls will not be synchronized automatically with DATEV Arbeitsplatz Pro. However, they can be subsequently synchronized from the estos ProCall Journal for Unanswered Calls.
  • External Calls Only: Calls from your organization will not be automatically synchronized against DATEV Arbeitsplatz pro.
  • DATEV Contacts Only: Only those calls from contacts that have already been created in the DATEV master data service (SDD) will automatically be synchronized with DATEV Arbeitsplatz Pro. A connection to the DATEV master data services (SDD) must have been configured already and be available for this feature.

Version 7.8