Presence icons

The Presence icons in the client represent the status of the estos ProCall user.

Normally you always use the default symbol set. However, your administrator can provide own symbol sets to you.

Element width

The contacts and function buttons in the monitor and in the Favorites tab are displayed in columns if the window width permits. With the "Element width" option you can influence as from which width a further column or a column less is displayed. Please note that the entire available window width is always used.

Level of detail

The level of detail can be selected separately for the main window (Favorites, talk and chat windows, etc.) and the monitor. There are 3 levels available:

Low This is the most compact setting, displays just the color of the presence and the name of the contact in one line.
Medium At this stage, the corresponding contact picture (if available) for each contact and CTI information is displayed (phone lines, Calls, diversions).
High Compared to the "Medium" level, just with larger Contact imagse and additionally the position in the company.

Deposited contact with presence color

If this option is activated, every registered contact is stored in the monitor and in Favorites with his current presence color. The background of unregistered contacts remains unchanged.

Additional lines

The additional lines will be configured by the administrator on the estos UCServer. Normally these lines do not have an explicit owner but should be monitored and controlled by estos ProCall users, like a phone line in the warehouse of the company. You can still decide for yourself whether you wish to display these lines or not. If you activate this option, the additional lines are displayed in a separate sub-group on the Favourites tab. Please note that this sub-group is fixed and canot be edited.

The line group is automatically updated if the administrator configures it accordingly.
To edit the line group, a new sub-group must be created and all elements of the line group copied there. Afterwards, the option Additional lines can be deactivated.Please note that the line group is no longer automatically updated if the administrator adds or removes lines.
Changes to the settings on this page have an immediate effect on estos ProCall (preview). These settings are, however, only stored when confirmed with OK.

Version 7.8