Active Directory® connection

The user mailboxes on the Exchange server are initiated via the Active Directory®.
The estos EWS Calendar Replicator requires connection data and access to the Active Directory® User Objects.

Connection data
The following connecting data must be configured to be able to communicate with Active Directory®:

The hostname of the computer that runs the Active Directory®.

Port number of the Active Directory® on the computer on which the Active Directory® service runs. Default value is '389 '.

Active Directory® Login
Login will be possible using a domain user, who has read access to the following information:

userPrincipalName Logon ID of the user.
homeMDB reserved

Normaly you can use a normal domain user, if there are no special security guidlines inherent.
The user's name should be specified in Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) format. Example:

If the Active Directory® cannot be read, you can check whether the user is authorized to "Read all properties" via the program "ADSI Edit".

Version 7.8