Telephone number formats

Supercanonical number
A phone number format which allows the unique international identification of the participant. The estos UCServer and estos ProCall exclusively use the super-canonical phone number format for all phone numbers. For the display the simplified number is sometimes used (if available). Phone calls are carried out with the shortened phone number.
Supercanonical phone numbers always begin with a + and have the following format: +Country City Number
But no spaces are used. e.g. +49301234567
The call number must only include digits and +.

Service numbers
are special public phone numbers which cannot be given in international number format. These are for example emergency numbers (110) or directory enquiries (118xx). In order to be able to dial these numbers from a PC they must either be longer than the internal phone numbers or configured as external rules. these numbers are specified directly as dialable numbers:

Phone number
No spaces are used. Example: 11833

Dialable phone numbers
are always kept in the format required by the phone system in order to reach the subscriber. The number is formatted according to the rules in estos UCServer.
Phone number internal extension number
Phone number external dialing code Number of subscriber 12345 in the local area network
External dialing code Country Area code Phone number Number of a subscriber in a different country
The above examples apply for Germany and depend to a large extent on the regions. You can see which dialing rules apply for your location in the location settings.

Phone numbers for display
are used by estos ProCall insofar as this form consisting of the country code and the area code can be determined.
+Country (area code) number
+49 (30) 123456 Phone number of subscriber 123456 in Berlin, Germany

Version 7.8