ixi-Framework is a set of applications necessary to install and run ixi-UMS Enterprise components. ixi-Framework must be installed on every computer at that you set up an ixi application.


Currently ixi-Framework setup consists of:


·Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4.59 64bit with OpenSSL Version 3.1.5

Required for the function of the ixi-UMS SnapIns, the ixi-UMS Voice-Mail Server and the included websites


·OpenSSL Version 1.0.2u

Required for TLS connections of ixi-UMS components


·Firebird Server Version 3.0.5

Required for storing the journal data of the ixi-UMS Kernel.


·OpenLDAP Server Version 2.4.42 (optional)

LDAP database for user administration. This server is only required if the ixi-UMS users are to be created and managed locally.


·ixi-UMS User Management (optional)

ixi-UMS User Management is a tool for the user administration, when the users are administered in the Open LDAP.

You can find instructions on this issue in the manuals of ixi-UMS Mail Server Connector andixi-UMS Voice-Mail Server.


Version 8.00