ixi-UMS Business connected to PBX

Depending on whether ixi-UMS Business is to be connected to the telephone system via VoIP or ISDN, the following steps must be carried out:


Connection to an ISDN connection via a bintec elmeg device:

·In the telephone system an ISDN connection has to be established. See the notes in the article Types of ISDN Accesses

·The bintec elmeg device must be set up and connected to the telephone system.

·The LAN Capi must be installed and configured for the bintec elmeg device


Connection to a telephone system using VoIP-

·In the telephone system a trunk for SIP or H.323 must be established

·Instructions for setting up the telephone systems you can download on the estos website for "Unified Messaging with ixi-UMS Business". (www.estos.de/produkte/ixi-ums-business)

·Please also note the instructions in the article Voice over IP


You will find information on the following topics:

Types of ISDN Accesses

Voice over IP

Call Number Transfer in E.164-Format

MWI - Signaling

Site Settings - Creating the Call Numbers

Route by Redirection


The "TK-Konfigblatt" with information about the required protocols can be downloaded via "Dokument PDF":


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