The ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox is essentially a voice mail box system with optional remote inquiry. It works like your voice box at home, except that also e-mails and faxes can be accessed, if needed.


When a call arrives at your ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox and the caller leaves a message, this message is forwarded to your inbox as an e-mail with WAV-file attachement. You can listen to the message e.g. via your loudspeakers or send it to your telephone.


Depending on the configured function, you can also call your ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox and set up your voice mailbox on the telephone and intercept the message from your inbox. The administrator determines in which language the menu is announced on the phone but you can change the language in ixi-UMS Voice-Mailbox configuration.


According to configured functional extent different features are available to you. To be able to use all available features, peruse please these instructions completely.


Version 7