Argument for asnSetDynamicRights to set/change access rights to contact data and its service informations

The argument must contain the contact ID of the contact which access rights list has to be modified, the contact ID
of the contact which gets/looses the rights and the rights itself.

The rights can be set with a constant value (iDynamicRights) or more specialized with the optional AsnUserDynamicRights member
(not recommended, only use it for very special edge cases).

The values for iDynamicRights are part of AsnPresenceRightsFlags in the general module. The valid values are:

  • eBlocked (0)
  • ePublic (65536, 0x0001 0000)
  • eCompany (131072, 0x0002 0000)
  • eTeam (262144, 0x0004 0000)
  • ePersonal (524288, 0x0008 0000)

AsnSetDynamicRightsArgument is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sOwnerContactID string ContactID of the contact who grants/changes the rights.

u8sRemoteContactID string ContactID of the contact to give to/change the rights.

iDynamicRights number Valid values are (taken from AsnPresenceRightsFlags):

dynamicRights AsnUserDynamicRights yes

Version 7