This enum is for selecting the events and direct return values in which the client is interested when it calls asnGetAndSubscribePresence

This enum describes the bit values used by iEventFlagsToSubscribe and iContactDetailsReturnFilter of AsnGetAndSubscribePresenceArgument in
which the caller can select in which events and result value he is interested in.

AsnPresenceSubscriptionFlags is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
ePresenceSubscriptionPresence number 1 Send the calculated contact presence value (default: on)

ePresenceSubscriptionData number 2 Send the complete, static contact data (name, adress, etc.) (default: on)

ePresenceSubscriptionDataIncludeImage number 4 Send the complete contact image (if there is one) not only the hash value (default: on)

ePresenceSubscriptionConfiguration number 8 Send information about the contact configuration (changes about access rights etc.) (default: on)

ePresenceSubscriptionAbsentstate number 16 Send information about the actual absent state. This is manual set presence, not the calculated one, which includes not only the absent state. (default: on)

ePresenceSubscriptionNote number 32 Send information about the note of the contact (default: on)

ePresenceSubscriptionAppointment number 64 Send information about appointments (default: on)

ePresenceSubscriptionPhoneLines number 128 Send information about the phone lines of the contact (default: on)

ePresenceSubscriptionPhoneCalls number 256 Send information about the calls on the phone lines of the contact (default: on)

ePresenceSubscriptionPhoneForwards number 512 Send information about the forward states on the phone lines of the contact (default: on)

ePresenceSubscriptionMyChallengeUpdates number 1024 Send information about the contact right challenges if some contzact requests new contact rights

ePresenceSubscriptionDynamicRightsUpdate number 2048 Send information about changes to the own authorization list

ePresenceSubscriptionDynamicGroupRightsUpdate number 4096 Send information about changes to an authorization list on a group the logged in user is member of

ePresenceSubscriptionDynamicGlobalRightsUpdate number 8192 Send informations about changes to the global authorisation list

ePresenceSubscriptionContactCapabilities number 16384 = 0x00004000,

ePresenceSubscriptionAgentStatus number 32768 Send agent state events of other users. This is not part of the default value!

ePresenceSubScriptionMonitorGroupingAttribute number 65536 Send events by changes on the monitor grouping attributes. This is not part of the default value!

Version 7