List of AsnPresence sequences

AsnPresenceList is an Array of AsnPresence

AsnPresence is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sContactId string ContactID of the contact which is responsible for this data

iPresenceState number yes Calculated presence of the contact. This is the over all presence of all the services

asnRemoteContact AsnNetDatabaseContact yes which have an influnce on the current presence state of the contact (line, appointments, absent state a.s.o.)

asnUserPropertyBag AsnUserPropertyBag yes If the contact is an ucserver user, this may contain additional information about the user filtered by access rights.

iContactFeatureSet number yes Feature set on the contact. Bitfield with flags, which actions are possible on the contact (like "set forwards").

iStaticRights number yes Access rights on the contact.

iMonitorAccessRights number yes Access rights on the probably configured, additional lines of the contact.

asnAbsentState AsnAbsentState yes Actual set absent state.

asnCustomNote AsnCustomNote yes Actual set note.

seqActualAppointments SEQAppointmentList yes Actual appointments of the contact.

asnNextAppointment AsnAppointmentEntry yes First appointment in the future of the contact in a given time frame of 30 days.

seqPhoneLines AsnPresenceLines yes The phone lines of the contact.

seqCalls AsnPresenceCalls yes The current calls of the contact.

seqLineForwards AsnPresenceForwards yes The currently set phone forwards of the contact.

asnContactCapabilities AsnContactCapabilities yes
asnContactCapabilitiesEx AsnClientCapabilitiesV2 yes Capabilities in a simpler to expand format of the connected clients of the contact (audio, video, calendar replication etc.)

asnCurrentUserDynamicRights AsnActualUserDynamicRights yes Minimum and maximum of the user dynamic rights which can be set to the contact.

iStaticRights2 number yes If there are administrative contact rights set, the client can only modify it in a such a way, that he can grant additional

asnAgentState AsnAgentState yes Actual state of the user if he is an agent (via PBX/ACD or LiveChat-Modules)

asnMonitorGroupingAttribute AsnMonitorGroupingAttribute yes Future use - If the user has a monitor grouping attribute set, it will be delivered here.

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes Optional Params:

Version 7