Call this operation to get information about and events of another contact.

This operation enables the client to request informations and events about another contact.
The minimal parameter is a list of contact IDs (e.g. ''). These contacts
will be searched in the ucserver and the service will return contact data back in the result
and send events about changes from there on.

The data returned and events which will be send are depending on access rights and accessability on the contact data.

Which events and return values are necessary for the client can be adjusted by the iEventFlagsToSubscribe and
iContactDetailsReturnFilter members.

Note: Federation contacts (contgacts managed on another server as the connected one) may not return most of the data
even the bits are set. This is because the ucserver has to contact the appropriate server first and this can take some time.
To prevent long response times, the data which will be eventually given by the appropriate server will be send back via event.

If the client wants to prevent SIP or XMPP fedeation contacts, it can set bOpenOnlyInternalContacts to true.

If the client wants to prevent requesting new contact rights on the contact it can set bDontRequestPermissions to true.

AsnGetAndSubscribePresenceArgument is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
seqContactIDs UTF8StringList List of strings containing the contact ID of the requestet contact (e.g. '')

iEventFlagsToSubscribe number yes AsnPresenceSubscriptionFlags - which events does the client wants to receive from the server.

iContactDetailsReturnFilter number yes AsnPresenceSubscriptionFlags - which return values are needed from the ucserver.

bOpenOnlyInternalContacts boolean yes
bDontRequestPermissions boolean yes Keine Berechtigungsanfrage starten

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes (z.B. sollen anonyme Benutzer eben nicht alle Events bekommen können

Version 7