States a call can have.

EnumCallState is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
eCALLSTATEUNKNOWN number 0 Call is in an unknown state.

eCALLSTATEDESTROYED number 1 Call was destroyed by dropping it.

eCALLSTATEOFFERING number 2 Call is ringing inbound.

eCALLSTATEDIALING number 4 User is dialing.

eCALLSTATERINGBACK number 8 Call is ringing outbound (call number is complete)

eCALLSTATEBUSY number 16 Call outbound is busy.

eCALLSTATECONNECTED number 32 Call is connected (same for in- and outbound)

eCALLSTATECONFERENCED number 64 Call is part of a call conference.

eCALLSTATEHOLD number 128 Call is on hold.

eCALLSTATEDISCONNECTED number 256 Call is disconnected by the call partner. The user should drop the call too, then it will get destroyed too.

eCALLSTATEPREPARECALL number 512 Call is in a prepare state (special for procall, this is not a normal PBX state).

Version 7