Enum to indicated how phone numbers should be formatted.

AsnETAPIDialNumberFormat is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
eTAPIDIALNUMBERFORMATNORMAL number 0 Normal formatting, all rules apply

eTAPIDIALNUMBERFORMATSUPERCANONIC number 1 Make all numbers upercanoncal (e.g. +49815136856177)

eTAPIDIALNUMBERFORMATPLAIN number 2 No rules apply, numbers will be dialed like they were entered; only special character will be removed

eTAPIDIALNUMBERFORMATDIALABLEPLAIN number 3 Plain numbers will be dialed like they were entered, supercanonical numbers will be formatted. The PBX will always get dialable numbers.

Version 7