Description of a line with its state, phone number etc.

This structure contains the complete description of a line. With this information a client can determine the current state of the line,
its callable number (u8sPhoneNumber), its unique identification number (u8sLinePhoneNumber, not necessary callable), its current available features and so on.

A client can obtain this information with asnCtiEnumPhoneLines, asnCtiSnapshotPhoneLine and asnCtiLineMonitorStart

For visualization of phone numbers in various formats, it is necessary to get the location information of a line.
The contents of the u8sLineLocationID field is used to fetch the necessary data from the server. At the moment there is no
JavaScript implementation of the needed business logic to execute the complete call number formatting rules.

AsnCtiLineInfo is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
iType number Indicates if this is the primary (first) line of the user or not.

(Linked Type: AsnContactPhoneLineType)
iLineOpenStatus number The line open status of the line.

(Linked Type: AsnCtiLineOpenStatus)
u8sLinePhoneNumber string Contains the line identifier. This can be a phone number or (if the line is monitored by the UCServer) a LineURI beginning with 'tel:'.

u8sDescriptor string Descriptive text if available.

u8sPhoneNumber string This is the phone number of the line in a dialable format, if possible beginning with "+", e.g. "+49815136856177"

u8sLineLocationID string ID of the PBX/Line location information to fetch it from the server. With this information, it is possible to

iLineFeatures number Current features/function available on the line.

(Linked Type: EnumLineFeatures)
iForwardFeaturesPBX number Available line forwarding PBX features/modes on this line

(Linked Type: AsnForwardMode)
iForwardFeaturesSERVER number Available line forwarding UCServer features/modes on this line.

(Linked Type: AsnForwardMode)
iForwardFeaturesUSER number Available user defined line forwarding features/modes on this line.

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes Additionally line fields added later in the key-value-field for backward compatibility.

Version 7