List of AsnCtiCallInformation

AsnCtiCallInformationList is an Array of AsnCtiCallInformation

AsnCtiCallInformation is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sLinePhoneNumber string Contains the line identifier of the line the call is attached to.

u8sConnectionID string A GUID of the connection the call is assigned to. This is used to identify the call throughout the API (Journal, Search etc.).

iCallState number The call state described in EnumCallState.

(Linked Type: EnumCallState)
iCallType number Type of the call described in EnumCallType (normal, consult, callback etc.).

(Linked Type: EnumCallType)
iDisconnectedReason number Disconnect reason described in EnumCallDisconnectedReason.

(Linked Type: EnumCallDisconnectedReason)
iFeatures number The call features available, described in EnumCallFeatures. These features are dynamic and will change with the call state.

(Linked Type: EnumCallFeatures)
bOutbound boolean The call is outbound (1, true) or inbound (0, false)

bInternal boolean The call is an internal call (1, true) or an external call (0, false).

bCallerIDBlocked boolean The caller id is blocked on this call.

iCallRecordingState number The recording state of this call described in EnumCallRecordingState.

(Linked Type: EnumCallRecordingState)
bConferenceCtlr boolean If this is true, this call is the conference controller call

u8sConferenceCtlrID string If the call is part of a conference, this field contains the conference controller ID

u8sLocalNumberSC string Number of local line

u8sRemoteNumberSC string Number of remote party

iRemoteContactSource number The contact data source as described in EnumRemoteContactSource. Only valid if the optional field pRemoteContact is set.

projectPinRule AsnProjectPinRule Description of the current project/pin rules applied to the call

u8sNote string Free text field (memo) for the call

u8sTrackerID string The ID of the CallTracker, this call is part of. CallTracker gathers all calls which belong to the same call scenario. (e.g. All calls in a group call carry the same TrackerID)

utcCallCreated string Creation time stamp of the call.

utcCallConnected string Time stamp of the call when it is connected. (0 if it was never connected)

utcCallDisconnected string Time stamp of the call when it is disconnected. (0 if the call is not yet discsonnected)

bIsUnknownHoldContact boolean This is true, if a hold contact has no known number.

pLocalContact AsnNetDatabaseContact yes The contact data of the owner of the call.

pRemoteContact AsnNetDatabaseContact yes If it is available, this contains the contact data of the remote party.

pu8sHoldNumberSC string yes If there is a call on hold, this contains its number (if the number is unknown bIsUnknownHoldContact is set)

pHoldContact AsnNetDatabaseContact yes If there is a call on hold and if data is available, this contains contact data of the contact on hold.

pu8sRedirectingNumber string yes If the call was redirected, this number indicate who has redirected it.

pRedirectingContact AsnNetDatabaseContact yes If available and applicable, this contains the contact data of the redirecting party.

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes Additional information which were added later (for backward compatibility):

callDataList AsnCtiCallDataList yes If available this is the list of key/value pairs with additional information provided by clients for special use cases (so called CallData).

Version 7