Possible reasons for a call information changed event.

AsnCtiCallInfoChangedReason is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
reasonCallOffering number 0 New incoming call.

reasonCallDialing number 1 New outgoing call, dialing.

reasonCallRingback number 2 Outgoing call is now ringing.

reasonCallConnected number 3 Call is now connected.

reasonCallConferenced number 4 Call is now member of a conference.

reasonCallHold number 5 Call is now on hold.

reasonRemotePartyChanged number 6 The call's remote party has changed.

reasonRemoteContactChanged number 7 The call's remote party contact data has changed.

reasonProjectOrPrivateChanged number 8 The call's project settings or private state has changed.

reasonCallMemoChanged number 9 The call's note has changed.

reasonCallBusy number 10 The remote party of an outgoing call is busy.

reasonCallDisconnect number 11 The call has been disconnected on the other side.

reasonCallDestroyed number 12 The call has been destroyed - local line is now idle.

reasonHoldContactChanged number 13 The call's hold contact data has been changed.

reasonOther number 14 Other reasons, not specified.

reasonCallDataChanged number 15 The call information has been updated as a whole. No specified reason.

reasonConnectionToPhoneDestroyed number 16 The connection to the phone has been destroyed, therefore the active call has been updated. (Bluetooth disconnected)

Version 7