Event from the server that a monitoring point has changed position from the configurative view
In order to get these events the line must be monitored with asnCtiLineMonitorStart
This event is send to the client if the sort order of the lines has changed (line added, config lines have swapped positions, (no event is dispatched if a line was removed))
This event is only dispatched for the userOwnLines (see AsnCtiEnumPhoneLinesArgument)

ArgumentType: AsnCtiNotifyLineSortOrderChangedArgument

AsnCtiNotifyLineSortOrderChangedArgument is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sMonitorCrossRefID string CrossrefID for the corresponding asnCtiLineMonitorStart.

u8sLineURISortOrder UTF8StringList Line sort order based on the user configuration, CTI/SIP LineURIs, AV LineURI, additional lines (not server configured line uris like mobile lines)

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

Version 7