Event from the server when call features have changed.
In order to get these events the line must be monitored via asnCtiLineMonitorStart

If the state of a call changes or other events on a call happened its features are most likely change too.
Some changes does not change the call state itself, so there will be no call information change event for that call.
In this case asnCtiNotifyLineCallFeaturesChanged will be sent if only the call features have changed.

ArgumentType: AsnCtiNotifyLineCallFeaturesChangedArgument

AsnCtiNotifyLineCallFeaturesChangedArgument is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sLineMonitorCrossRefID string CrossrefID for the corresponding asnCtiLineMonitorStart.

u8sLinePhoneNumber string Line identifier for the line where the changes happened.

callFeaturesList AsnCtiCallFeaturesList List of call with their current features which have changed.

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

Version 7