Retrieve line information from the server.

To get information about the lines a user has access to on the server.

There are four possible line types, which can be requested:

  • userOwnLines: Own lines which the logged in user is owner of.
  • userMonitorLines: Own lines plus the lines, the user has special access rights for.
  • systemLocalLines: All lines that are local on the system.
  • systemGlobalLines: All local lines plus all global known lines; for future use, current its the same as systemLocalLines.
    If attachChangeNotify is set to 1, the server will send asnCtiNotifyLineAddRemove events, if lines were added or removed for the given scope (or line type).

The monitoring of the line lists can only be stopped by disconnecting from the server.

ArgumentType: AsnCtiEnumPhoneLinesArgument

AsnCtiEnumPhoneLinesArgument is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
typeofLines AsnCtiEnumPhoneLinesArgumentEnum Which lines shall be listed for the user (own, additional lines, all).

attachChangeNotify number Request events for line add/remove changes (1) or not (0).

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

ResultType: AsnCtiEnumPhoneLinesResult

AsnCtiEnumPhoneLinesResult is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
seqLines AsnCtiLineInfoList The list with line information requested.

u8sLineMonitorCrossRefID string yes LineMonitorCrossrefID for add/remove event from the server.

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

ErrorType: AsnRequestError

AsnRequestError is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
iErrorDetail number A number representing the error

u8sErrorString string A string representing the error

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes No optional params yet

Version 7