These are the possible iErrorDetail values as part of the response to /ws/client/createsession.

AsnLogonErrorEnum is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
eNETLOGININTERNALSERVERERROR number 100 An internal Server error occured.

eNETLOGININVALUSERNAME number 101 User name not found or password wrong (since V6.3). Description text in error message tells now, that the user cannot be authenticated.

eNETLOGINNOMOREUSERS number 103 No license free for user.

eNETLOGININVALIDVERSION number 104 UCServer and UCClient version are not compatible.

eNETLOGINNEGOTIATIONREQUIRED number 105 Client did not negotiate server connection first.

eNETLOGININVALIDAUTHENTICATIONMETHOD number 106 The requested authntication method is not supported by the usermanager.

eNETLOGINUSERNOTENABLED number 107 The user is not enabled on this ucserver.

eNETLOGININVALIDCOMPUTERNAME number 108 Computer login only: the computer name is not found.

eNETLOGINDOMAINAUTHFAILED number 109 Domain authentication failed.

eNETLOGINMISSINGRIGHTS number 110 The user has not enough access rights to login on the server. At the moment this occures only with a mobile client without the access right for mobiles.


eNETLOGINSERVERNOTCOMPATIBLE number 112 The requested application type (given by negotiate) is not compatible with this server.

eNETLOGINALREADYAUTHENTICATED number 113 User is already logged in.

eNETLOGINTLSREQUIRED number 114 The has to use a TLS connection to this server.

eNETLOGINACCOUNTPASSWORDLOCKED number 129 User account has been locked due to too many failed login attempts.

eNETLOGINTOKENEXIRED number 130 The given token has been expired.

eNETLOGINTOOMANYATTEMPTS number 131 Too many failed login attempts, the user has to wait some time to try again.

eNETLOGINWRONGPACMODE number 133 Reserved.

Version 7