List of AsnAppointmentEntry

SEQAppointmentList is an Array of AsnAppointmentEntry

AsnAppointmentEntry is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sEntryID string Unique EntryID of the data source

u8sOwner string Owner of the dataset - will be changed by the ucserver with the loggedin user to enforce ownership for security reasons

u8sDataSource string Symbolic name of the data source

stStart string Start time of the appointment

stEnd string End time of the appointment

iDuration number Duration of the appointment

u8sSubject string Subject of the appointment

u8sText string Message body of the appointment

bAllDay boolean Indicates, if it is an allday appointment (true) or not (false)

iStatus number (Presence) State of the user while the appointment is active, see EnumAppointmentState

u8sCategory string Category of the appointment

iImportance number Importance of the appointment, see EnumAppointmentImportance

iSensitivity number Sensitivity (private or not), see EnumAppointmentSensitivity

bIsValid boolean Is it a valid entry (data set), will be set on the ucserver (e.g. TabIndex of the database entry is not 0)

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes nothing yet

Version 7