Bitfield with access rights for the user to use specific services/functions on the UCserver.

The bitfield is configured by the administrator on the UCServer in the usermanagement section, mainly on the services tabs of the user, computer or group editors.

Some of the flags are only set for specific objects or have only an effect for these objects.

Some of the flags can be set for user AND groups, so a user can get the right from his own configuration or from a group she is member of.

For more flags see AsnUserStaticRights

AsnUserStaticRights2 is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
eUSERRIGHTS2ENABLEFORANONYMOUSAPI number 1 0x00000001 - User is visible for anonymous users (like web site vistors of LiveChat).

eUSERRIGHTS2LOGINOVERINTERNET number 2 0x00000002 - User may login from outside the company network (e.g. from mobile network GSM).

eUSERRIGHTS2LOGINBYMOBILE number 4 0x00000004 - User may login from a mobile device.

eUSERRIGHTS2ENABLEAGENTMANAGER number 8 0x00000008 - User is availible for the agent managemtn system; see Agent API for more details. Available for users and groups.

eUSERRIGHTS2ISAGENTSUPERVISOR number 16 0x00000010 - User is agent subervisor and may change state of other agents.

eUSERRIGHTS2GROUPFORPUBLICCHAT number 32 0x00000020 - Group contains agents who may receive PUBLIC_CHATs and PUBLIC_CALLs.

eUSERRIGHTS2GROUPFORPORTAL number 64 0x00000040 - Group contains agents who may be visible on the contact protal. (Named "portal groups" in the admin UI).

eUSERRIGHTS2GROUPFORMONITOR number 128 0x00000080 - Group is available for administrative monitor content.

eUSERRIGHTS2ENABLEWEBCLIENTADMIN number 256 0x00000100 - Internal use only.


eUSERRIGHTS2ENABLECONTENTSHARINGLOCATION number 1024 0x00000400 - User is allowed to share his location via the BinaryTransfer interface (default: allowed)

eUSERRIGHTS2ENABLECONTENTSHARINGCONTACTS number 2048 0x00000800 - User is allowed to share a contact via the BinaryTransfer interface (default: allowed)

eUSERRIGHTS2USECONFERENCING number 4096 0x00001000 - User may use conferencing functionality - (default: off - needs seperate license!)

Version 7