Bitfield with access rights for the user to use specific services/functions on the UCserver.

The bitfield is configured by the administrator on the UCServer in the usermanagement section, mainly on the services tabs of the user, computer or group editors.

Some of the flags are only set for specific objects or have only an effect for these objects.

Some of the flags can be set for user AND groups, so a user can get the right from his own configuration or from a group she is member of.

For more flags see AsnUserStaticRights2

AsnUserStaticRights is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
eUSERRIGHTSSENDUSERUSER number 1 0x00000001 - User may use text chat.

eUSERRIGHTSSENDSMS number 2 0x00000002 - User may use the SMS service.

eUSERRIGHTSEMPTY number 4 0x00000004 - User may login via WebServices.

eUSERRIGHTSUSEPROCALL number 8 0x00000008 - User may use the UCClient; should always be set.

eUSERRIGHTSSELFADMIN number 32 0x00000020 - User may change his account settings with the "Workstation settings" program.

eUSERRIGHTSUSERCTI number 64 0x00000040 - User may use CTI lines.

eDONOTUSE number 128 0x00000080 - Reserved.

eUSERRIGHTSOFFLINEMAIL number 256 0x00000100 - User may get email for calls while he was absent.

eUSERRIGHTSCALLRECORDING number 512 0x00000200 - User may use call recorder.

eUSERRIGHTSUSEPHONEBOOK number 1024 0x00000400 - User may use the search in phonebooks.

eUSERRIGHTSUSERPRESENCE number 2048 0x00000800 - User is a CTI/Presence user (should always be set).

eUSERRIGHTSGROUPALLINMONITOR number 4096 0x00001000 - Users of the group can see all other users in his monitor (available only for groups).

eUSERRIGHTSGROUPNOCHANGEMONITOR number 8192 0x00002000 - Users of the group cannot change the content of their monitor (available only for groups).

eUSERRIGHTSGROUPVIEWJOURNAL number 16384 0x00004000 - Users of the group may see the Journal/History of other group members (available only for groups).

eUSERRIGHTSGROUPVIEWJOURNALLEADER number 32768 0x00008000 - The group leader may see the Journal/History of all group members (available only for groups).

eUSERRIGHTSGROUPEDITJOURNAL number 65536 0x00010000 - Users of a group may edit Journal/History of other group members (available only for groups).

eDONOTUSE2 number 131072 0x00020000 - Reserved.

eDONOTUSE3 number 262144 0x00040000 - Reserved.

eUSERRIGHTSUSERVIEWJOURNAL number 524288 0x00080000 - Journal/History functions are available for the user; if not, acces to the journal database is not available for this user.

eUSERRIGHTSGLOBALDELETEJOURNAL number 1048576 0x00100000 - Every user of the system may delete Journal/History entries.

eUSERRIGHTSOFFLINESMS number 2097152 0x00200000 - User may get SMS messages for calls whjile he is absent.

eUSERRIGHTSDESKSHAREACCEPT number 4194304 0x00400000 - User may accept desktop sharing invitaions but cannot initiate own session.

eUSERRIGHTSDESKSHAREFULL number 8388608 0x00800000 - User may accept or initiate desktop sharing session.

eDONOTUSE4 number 16777216 0x01000000 - Reserved.

eUSERRIGHTSAVAUDIO number 33554432 0x02000000 - User may use audio communication features without video.

eUSERRIGHTSAVVIDEO number 67108864 0x04000000 - User may use audio and video communication features.

eUSERRIGHTSFEDDESKSHARE number 134217728 0x08000000 - User may use desktop sharing over federation connections (experimental!).

Version 7