Installation and configuration


The installation and setup of estos STUN/TURN Server will be started simply by double-clicking on the installation package. Doing so will start the installation wizard, which will then execute the installation of the service on the computer.

The configuration wizard, which will perform the steps individually necessary for setup, will be started afterwards. The service can be used afterwards.


Several settings will be required for operation of estos STUN/TURN Server. estos STUN/TURN Server's administration program will be used to make these settings.


That clients are able to request the service a network interface must be set up.

IP Address
Configure the IP interface through which services can be accessed by clients.

Default setting for the port is 3478.

TURN Configuration

Because transferring media data between clients will place high bandwidth demands on the interface, access is protected by a password. This password must also be entered in UCServer.


The service can be stopped and started in this dialog. It shows its current status.

Configuration of the logging to help diagnose problems.

Buttons to start and stop the service. If the STUN/TURN Server is terminated unexpected, an error code will be displayed.


  • Log Level
    Sets whether debug information is written into the log files.

  • Maximun size of a log file.
    There are several log files written. Each log file is cyclically re-created when the size set here is exceeded.

  • Log Directory
    The log files are stored in this directory . Note that the service requires appropriate write permissions.

  • Delete Log Files
    Log files in the log directory will be deleted. This is available only while the STUN/TURN Server is running.

  • Provide Log Files
    Log files in the log directory will be packed into a ZIP-file. The location and name of the ZIP-file can be set in a dialog.

General Service Information

Version 7.3