Online services

Setting up the online services enables you to use the estos UCConnect Hybrid Cloud modules, e. g. to facilitate the setup of ProCall Mobile or the Web applications (Portal and Multimedia Business Card). In this case, online service means that the corresponding clients are not located in the local network, but instead connect to UCServer via the Internet, e. g. from the home office. Mobile use of these applications therefore requires access to UCServer from the Internet as well as the STUN server and the TURN server for using audio and video chat features.

Using UCConnect

UCConnect is a separate platform of estos for the cloud. It provides several modules for companies that are based on the Hybrid Cloud concept and wish to operate software components as well as separate hardware accordingly.

Companies that do not want to carry out this installation themselves or do not have the necessary expertise usually benefit most from the offers provided by UCConnect since UCConnect dispenses with the need to configure the web service and the set up of STUN and TURN servers separately.

UCConnect Services

  • Mobility Services
    This service also allows companies to optimally communicate and collaborate away from the office.
    Mobility Services ( MS ) that are available via UCConnect simplify the startup of the app and ensure that our customers have all the advantages for
    • Mobile working
    • Home Office
    • Audio/video communication away from the office
  • Web Communication Services
  • These services support companies to enable modern customer communication via the web site (Portal / multi-media business card).
    Web Communication Services support the setup of communication via Portal and multi-media business card and offer customers all the advantages for
    • User profile on the web site
    • Availability over the Internet
    • Audio/video communication
Enable licenses
  • Start test mode
    We would like to give all our customers the opportunity to make use of the range of services via UCConnect without obligation and without charge. All services can be used for a limited test period without charge. Try it out!
    To use UCConnect, you need to create a UCConnect account and post the required services.
    • 1st step
      Select the “Start test mode” button
    • 2nd step
      Run the wizard, read the additional conditions and confirm with “Create test account”.
    • Finish!
      Your UCServer is now provided with all test licenses and you can access the entire service offer for 45 days.
  • Transition from test mode -> full license
    You can get the licenses for all UCConnect services from your usual sources or our Online Shop.
    In contrast to test mode, you require a verified UCConnect account to activate full licenses.
    • 1st step
      Select the link that is displayed under the Online Services item in UCServer Admin. This takes you to the UCConnect portal.
    • 2nd step
      Run the wizard in our UCConnect portal. All known data from your test account is already filled in advance.
    • 3rd step
      When the wizard ends, select “Activate services”. You will then be taken directly to your server account.
    • 4th step
      Activate the desired license for the relevant service at your service account.
    • Finish!
      Your UCServer immediately accepts the new activated licenses when connected (server account is connected to UCServer).
  • Login
    You can also initiate test mode immediately from the portal with a verified UCConnect account or upload the licenses that you have already purchased.
    • 1st step
      Access our UCConnect portal under and select “Create account”.
    • 2nd step
      Run the wizard and select “Activate services” when completed. You will then be taken to your server account.
    • 3rd step
      Apply for a test license for the desired service or enter the license key that you have already purchased.
    • 4th step
      Connect your UCServer to your server account from UCConnect.
    • Finish!
      The licenses are now activated on your UCServer.
  • Configure and invite users - App Enablement
    • 1st step
      Select “Invite user” under the Online Services menu item.
    • 2nd step
      Specify the users that are be invited to use the app and click “Send e-mails”.
    • 3rd step
      Users access the e-mail on their smartphones and download the app from the relevant shop. The e-mail includes the link to the shop.
    • 4th step
      The mail includes an additional link with all user-specific login information. The user only needs to retrieve this in the installed app on his smartphone and log in only with his password. The password matches the one for the UCServer user.

Using the Customer’s Own Server

If you do not want to use estos UCConnect to publish UCServer to the Internet, you can configure your own server here. For more information on this topic, please refer to our Best Practice Manual.

Enable automatic configuration for mobile apps
ProCall Mobile apps are able to automatically query and configure the server connection. A user doesn't need to know a server address or ID to do this, but just needs to enter his user name and password. For the automatic configuration also to work over the Internet, DNS-SRV records will also need to be created for the domain in use. If no DNS-SRV records are provided, the automatic configuration will only work over the local corporate network (LAN).

  • DNS-SRV record when using one's own server
    Name: _ctiwebserver
    Protocol: TCP
    Target domain: ‹Public domain or UCServer IP address› (e.g.
    Target port: ‹UCServer public port› (standard HTTPS port: 7225)
  • DNS-SRV record when using UCConnect
    Name: _ctiwebserver
    Protocol: TCP
    Target domain: ‹UCConnect ID or alias›
    Target-Port: 443

Version 7.2