Token Authentication

A token is a piece of data created by the server that contains information about a particular user and validity. To get a token, the user must authenticate using username and password.

Token types

There are two different kinds of tokens:

  • Login Tokens
    A login token can be used to login a user or authenticate services. The token can be used instead of submitting username and password.
  • Identification Tokens
    An identification token can be used to verify the identity of a user. It can not be used to login to the server. The purpose of these tokens is to allow third party services to verify a logged in user.

Obtain a login token

A token can be obtained with asnGetUserToken. Here is an example using the /ws/direct route:

GET /ws/direct/asnGetUserToken?user=username&pass=password&ucsid=local&iType=1
POST /ws/direct/asnGetUserToken?user=username&pass=password
  "iType": 1
200 OK

Version 6.4