Enumeration of possible presence states of a contact.

The presence state of a contcat (or line, or appointment etc.) is a DWORD (32 Bit) bit field, where the individual Bits
are devided into two seperate spaces: the presence state (AsnPresenceStateEnum) and the presence state flags (AsnPresenceStateFlags)
which contain further deatils about the current presence state.

AsnPresenceStateEnum is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
eUNCONTROLLED number 0 Presence is not available, contact is unknown.

eAVAILABLE number 1 Contact is available.

eBUSY number 2 Contact is busy.

eABSENT number 3 Contact is absent.

eDONOTDISTURB number 4 Contact wished to not being disturbed.

eOUTOFORDER number 7 Something does not work, line is not connected, device is broken etc. Contact may not get into this state.

Version 6.4