Description of formatting and dialing rules for phone numbers.

Each PBX is connected to a phone network which defines the rules to apply if number should be dialed or how
phone numbers are routed and transmitted.

The AsnLocationInformation (and the newer AsnLocationInformation2) contains information how to handle
phone numbers to allow comfort functions for the user like formatting phone numbers to display them in a readable manner
or to enable the user to enter numbers in a short format etc.


AsnLocationInformation is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sLocationID string ID for this particular set of rules in the UCServer

iCountryID number In which country is the PBX connected to the network.

u8sCountryCode string The country code.

u8sLocalPrefix string The local prefix to dial.

u8sNationalPrefix string The national prefix to dial.

u8sInternationalPrefix string The international prefix to dial.

u8sLocalDialingRule string
u8sNationalDialingRule string
u8sInternationalDialingRule string
u8sCityCodeNoPrefix string
u8sVanityNumbers string
iUseVanity number
u8sAddressStreet string Address (Street) where the PBX is located.

u8sAddressZIPCode string Address (ZIP Code) where the PBX is located.

u8sAddressCity string Address (City) where the PBX is located.

iUseTkSystem number
u8sTKLocalAccessCode string
u8sTKLongDistanceAccessCode string
u8sTKInternationalAccessCode string
u8sTKPrivateAccessCode string
u8sTKAnschlussNr string
iTKMaxLenInternalNumbers number
u8slistTKAkzListRemoveIn UTF8StringList
u8slistTKAkzListRemoveOut UTF8StringList
u8slistTKAkzListRemoveForwarding UTF8StringList
u8slistTKDetectInternalRules UTF8StringList
u8slistTKDetectExternalRules UTF8StringList
iUseAdvancedLCR number
numberFormatRegExpressListIn AsnNumberFormatRegExpressList
numberFormatRegExpressListOut AsnNumberFormatRegExpressList
numberFormatRegExpressListDial AsnNumberFormatRegExpressList
projectPINRules AsnProjectPinRuleList
optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

Version 6.4