List of AsnContactPhoneLine objects.

AsnContactPhoneLines is an Array of AsnContactPhoneLine

AsnContactPhoneLine is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
iType number Enum for the type of the line. See AsnContactPhoneLineType for details.

(Linked Type: AsnContactPhoneLineType)
u8sLinePhoneNumber string The identificator of a line. This could be a Phonenumber or a phone URI.

u8sDescriptor string Description text for a line.

u8sNumber string Phone number of the line.

seqCalls AsnContactCallInformations Call which are currently on the line.

seqLineForwards AsnLineForwards Line forwardings currently set on the line.

iState AsnContactPhoneLineState The line state. See AsnContactPhoneLineState for details (eLINEOFFLINE, eLINEONLINE, etc.)

bDoNotDisturb boolean Do not disturb flag for this line. TRUE do not disturb is active, FALSE not.

iForwardFeaturesPBX number Which sort of call forward is available on this line. See AsnForwardMode for details.

(Linked Type: AsnForwardMode)
optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes Optonal parameters

  • Key "AddressNames" Value UTF8String - ';' separated list of line addresses.
  • Key "AddressCaps" Value UTF8String - XML with the capabilities of the line.
  • Key "CTIFeatureCodes" Value UTF8String - XML with the feature codes available for this line.
  • Key "PrivateLine" Value Bool - true: the line has to be treated as private, false: normal line, no private restrictions.
  • Key "SIPAVMediaMode" Value Integer - Media Mode on this audio/video line; only available if the line ia an A/V line.
  • Key "SIPAVAudioCodecs" Value List of Integer - Available codecs on this line; only available if the line ia an A/V line.

Version 6.4