List of AsnContactCallInformation

AsnContactCallInformations is an Array of AsnContactCallInformation

AsnContactCallInformation is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sContactChangedId string The contact id of the contact this information is related to.

iPresenceState number Actual presence state of the contact this information is related to.

u8sConnectionID string Unique identifier of the call.

u8sLinePhoneNumber string Line identfier (or phone number if URI is not available) of the phone

u8sCharging string line on which the call is active.

iCallState number @depricated

iDisconnectedReason number If a call is disconnected, this could contain a reason for the disconnect. See EnumCallDisconnectedReason for more details.

(Linked Type: EnumCallState)
iFeatures number This field contains the currently available call features - what can a client do with this call. See EnumCallFeatures for more details.

(Linked Type: EnumCallDisconnectedReason)
bOutbound boolean true if the call was initiated (dialed) on the attached line; false if the call is incoming from outside.

(Linked Type: EnumCallFeatures)
bInternal boolean true if the call terminates in the same PBX; false if the other device is not attached to this PBX.

bPrivate boolean true if the call is marked as private, false if not.

iCallRecordingState number Call recording state of this call. See EnumCallRecordingState for more details.

bConferenceCtlr boolean true if this call is used to control a conference.

u8sCurrentNumberSC string Phone number of the partner.

pu8sRedirectingNumber string yes May contain the number of the line on which the call was received first and then redirected.

pRemoteContact AsnNetDatabaseContact yes If present, this Field contains contact data attached to this call (UCServer intern only)

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes No optional paramaters yet.

Version 6.4