The interface represntation of an ActveContact (or short "contact") of the UCServer with static contact and dynamic presence data.

The UCServer uses a technology called "ActiveContacts", whcih are represntinga contact with all its static contact informations and all
its dynamic/calculated presence informations fromthe different services used by this contact (phone lines, calendar, federation etc.)

All the data is filtered by the UCServer depending on the persmissions of the calling client/user. So not every client will get all the information.

AsnContact is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sContactId string The ID of the contact, which is used to get the presence infromations and updates form the server. Note: This ID is only unique for the presence information.

iContactFeatureSet number The contact data behind this is depending on the data source, where the data is copied from while adding the contact to the active user managment. This means,

iPresenceState number The presence state of the contact. This is a 32 Bit field assembled with values from AsnPresenceStateEnum and bits of AsnPresenceStateFlags.

(Linked Type: AsnContactFeatureSetEnum)
iStaticRights number The active contact may use services and features of the UCServer. The iStaticRights are corresponding rights the admin granted. See AsnUserStaticRights for more details.

(Linked Type: AsnUserStaticRights)
iMonitorAccessRights number These are the rights, the active contact has on the additional lines the administrator configured for him in the user manager.

asnRemoteContact AsnNetDatabaseContact The static contact data of this contact.

seqPhoneLines AsnContactPhoneLines The actual line/call state of the contact. Each line may contain the actual calls a contact currently has.

asnAbsentState AsnAbsentState The actual absent state of the contact. The absent state is the presence state of the user he set manually.

asnCustomNote AsnCustomNote The contact can set a short note for other users.

seqActualAppointments SEQAppointmentList List of the currently active appointments of the contact.

asnNextAppointment AsnAppointmentEntry The next appointment the contact will have. (Helps to display an information like "free for the next x hours")

asnUserPropertyBag AsnUserPropertyBag Additional information for this contact added for special use cases.

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes Optonal parameters

  • Key "iStaticRights2" Value DWORD - Additional rights of the contact on serviced added after PC 5.1. See AsnUserStaticRights2 for details.

Version 6.4