Properties of a scheduler entry

AsnMeetingEntry is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
u8sTitle string Topic of the conference

utcBegin string Begin of the conference

utcEnd string End of the conference

ireminder number Reminder offset in minutes (positive value) a value of -1 disables the reminder

repeatpattern number yes Repeatpattern if scheduled entry is a series type (Defaults to AsnMeetingRepeatPattern::norepeat)

(Linked Type: AsnMeetingRepeatPattern)
irepeatevery number yes Repetition value - every x (days, weeks, month) depending on the AsnMeetingRepeatPattern

iweeklydays number yes This value is only valid for AsnMeetingRepeatPattern daily, weekly, monthly_day, monthly_weekday

imonthlyday number yes On the day (e.g., specific day in a month)

imonthlyweekdayinmonth number yes Defines which day in the month we are targeting (1st., 2nd., last)

(Linked Type: AsnMeetingDayInMonth)
imonthlyweekday number yes Defines the day (e.g. monday as definded in AsnMeetingDays)

Version 6.4