AsnConferenceErrors is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
authentication_failed number 0 Authentication failed

missing_arguments number 1 An argument is missing (check u8sErrorString for details)

invalid_arguments number 2 An invalid argument was used (check u8sErrorString for details)

token_invalid number 3 Supplied token is invalid

token_expired number 4 Supplied token has expired

requires_payment number 5 Using the services requires payment

unknown_partyid number 6 The provided party id is unknown/invalid

unknown_roomid number 7 The provided room id is unknown/invalid

unknown_sessiontoken number 8 The provided session token is unknown/invalid

unknown_subscriptionid number 9 The provided subscription id is unknown/invalid

not_moderator number 10 When affecting a different party in the conference and not beeing the moderator

unknown_template number 11 Template for a conference scheduling does no exist

scheduling_conflict number 12 If the resource was already allocated in the requested time period

Version 6.4