Data structure to transport capabilities a client/connection is capable to handle

This data structure is used to transport client capabilities between the clients and the server
In an invoke towards the server the client tells what the client is capable to handle. This list
contains well known properties as well as custom properties a client wants to exchange with other clients.
Well known capabilites are an integer list which contains enums values of the AsnClientCapabilityEnum
Additionaly clients may specify additional information they need to exchange with other clients using the customCapabilities
The serve builds a sum over all connected clients an notifies clients via the PresenceV2 implementation or changed events
within this interface.

AsnClientCapabilitiesV2 is an Object

Name Type Optional Comment
eClientCapabilities SEQInteger List of capabilities the client or connection is capable to handle

(Linked Type: AsnClientCapabilityEnum)
customCapabilities AsnStringPairList Custom capabilites clients share with each other as a name:value list

optionalParams AsnOptionalParameters yes

Version 6.4