Bitfield describing which features/function can be executed on a line

Some of these bit flags indicate that certain functions may be called on the line. For example, if eCTILINEFEATUREMAKECALL is set, the client may call "MakeCall".
Other bits are indicators of a status, like eCTILINEFEATUREINVALIDPASSWORD, for example, tells the client, that the line will not work as expected, because the password validation on the PBX failed.

EnumLineFeatures is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
eCTILINEFEATURENONE number 0 No actions are available. The client can only show the call states, but no other actions will be completed successfully.

eCTILINEFEATUREMAKECALL number 1 Call can be initiated.

eCTILINEFEATUREDONOTDISTURB number 2 "Do not disturb" can be set/modified.

eCTILINEFEATUREPICKUP number 4 Calls from this line can be picked to other lines.

eCTILINEFEATUREBLOCKID number 8 While "MakeCall" the CALLERID may be suppressed.

eCTILINEFEATURENOIMMEDIATEINQUIRY number 16 This flag is set, if it is not possible to execute "MakeCall" while another call is already in active state (no automatic "put on hold" available).

eCTILINEFEATUREREMOTEOFFICE number 32 Remote Office - Nomadic Mode - is possible

eCTILINEFEATUREINVALIDPASSWORD number 64 Invalid Password (currently only for BroadWorks lines)

eCTILINEFEATUREREMOTEOFFICEEMULATION number 128 This flag can be set additionally with ECTILINEFEATURE_REMOTEOFFICE, if the remote office feature will be emulated by the UCServer (call association).

Version 6.4