Different forward modes the API supports

These are the different forward modes the UCServer supports for forwarding.
The highest value is eFORWARDBACKENDSPECIFIC (2147483648; 0x80000000) - A backend specific forwarding entry

EnumForwardModes is an Enumeration

Name Type Value Comment
eFORWARDMODEUNKNOWN number 0 Forward unknown

eFORWARDMODEIMMEDIATE number 1 Forward Immediate

eFORWARDMODEBUSY number 2 Forward on Busy

eFORWARDMODENOANSW number 4 Forward on No Answer

eFORWARDMODEBUSYINT number 8 Forward on Busy for internal callers

eFORWARDMODEBUSYEXT number 16 Forward on Busy for external callers

eFORWARDMODENOANSINT number 32 Forward on No answer for internal callers

eFORWARDMODENOANSEXT number 64 Forward on No answer for external callers

eFORWARDMODEIMMINT number 128 Forward immediate for internal callers

eFORWARDMODEIMMEXT number 256 Forward immediate for external callers

Version 6.4