User database

Either user administration integrated into the estos UCServer or an Active Directory® server can be used to administrate computers, users and groups.

estos UCServer user administration (file-based)
The estos UCServer uses its own user administration, data is saved under Configuration files.

External user management using Active Directory® server
The users, computers and groups from the Active Directory® are used. All settings are stored directly in Active Directory®. The information is stored in Active Directory® either as per the standard with a schema extension or in a reserved field.
The users, computers and groups can be configured in the estos UCServer administration. Optionally the Active Directory® SnapIn can be installed. A maximum of 1,000 entries are displayed in the estos UCServer administration under user, computer and groups. If you have more than 1,000 users, you have to carry out the configuration with the Active Directory® Snap-In.
Active Directory® server
Enter the server's computer name here.
User name
Enter the user name which has access to the Active Directory® users. This can, for example, be the administrator account. Enter the user name in format.
Enter the user's password here.
Enforce LDAPS
If this option is activated, an encrypted network connection to the Active Directory® Server is enforced (LDAPS). The connection is established on port 636 (or on the port specified in the computer name). The connection is only established if LDAPS can actually be activated.

estos UCServer user administration (SQL-based, for special requirements only)
estos UCServer uses its own SQL database for managing users, groups and computers. This setting is only visible for installations which wish to use user data from an external, write-protected data source.

Version 6.4