estos UCServer

What is Computer telephony integration?

Computer telephony integration (CTI) describes the connection of telephony and data processing. With CTI one is able to establish calls, pick up call and end phone calls out of a computer program. CTI allows the switching of calls and the establishing of conference calls. Typical CTI programmes signal to the user all states of his/hers phone devices, no matter whether it concerns non wireless or mobile DECT devices. Via interfaces, different programmes of the company and office environment can be integrated.

What is estos UCServer?

estos UCServer is the server component for estos ProCall. It's the middleware for your phone system. estos UCServer is an efficient, scaleable 3rd-party CTI implementation which integrates with all VoIP, hybrid or classical phone systems, if these support CSTA or TAPI interfaces.

estos UCServer controls and monitors the CTI-compatible terminal devices' lines centrally. It can be used to administrate users and authorizations and offers security through authentification. The estos UCServer writes centralized logging data and journals and is connected to central databases. Several services can be used with a development kit.

What is the estos ProCall client?

estos ProCall is the Software on the Desktop of the User. With estos ProCall the user manage his contacts, sees the presence state of other users, can search for contacts and it offers many further functions which make day-to-day work easier. The user can control his phone and sees who is calling him.
More can be found out about the client on the page The estos ProCall client.

Clients can be installed centrally or remotely.
In addition to an already available software administration, the estos UCServer offers its own technology for the automatic and central installation of workstations. Furthermore, an automatic update service is available which supplies all workstations from the estos UCServer with the latest software.
It is possible to automatically install the network workstations with the help of group guidelines.
Wizards ensure an easy installation for remote installation and initial configuration for the workstation.
More can be found out about the client installation under Installation of clients.


For communication with other clients and servers, special drivers have been made available (Multiline and Remote Service Provider), whose transparent implementing of Microsoft® TAPI ensure unlimited compatibility to all Microsoft® TAPI applications.
estos ProCall can now also be deployed on the workstation without TAPI-drivers, which guarantees new flexibility, especially on terminal servers.
In the case of an update, please read the page System requirements.

Version 6.4