Update server

estos UCServer provides an automatic Update service, as well as central Software distribution. Both services need the update server. The update server provides its services via the CTI client port.

The update server is the counterpart to Update service on the PCs. The installation packages are provided in the installation list under "ClientInstall" for the update and installation service. When you install estos UCServer the current matching client version to the server version is copied into the ClientInstall folder in the same language as the server. If you wish to provide further languages for software distribution and the update service you must copy the appropriate installation packages into the folder manually.
The folder is monitored by the server for changes; in other words, you do not have to restart the Server when you wish to offer new installation packages. Simply copy the packages into the folder. They will be recognized and offered automatically. (The files must be entered in UpdateDefinitions.xml. The various language versions with different names for the installation files are, however, already defined here.)

In the administrator, you can see the update server settings and the available installation packages in the appropriate versions and languages. The most important settings are:

  • Limit availability by time
    If you wish to limit the installation of updates by time you can define a time frame here in which update services receive installation packages from the server.
  • Available packages for the update server:
    List of the installable update packages present on the server.

If you deactivate the update server you cannot use central software distribution.

Version 5.1