estos UCServer supports message dispatch for unanswered calls.

There are an array of new features for unanswered phone calls compared with estos UCServer 3.0. E-mails that were previously sent for missed phone calls from the client or server are now sent centrally via the server. It is configured in the server in which cases e-mails for missed phone calls are dispatched. The single user decides for himself whether he would like to receive them or not. Settings for missed phone calls are now configured separately for the journal and the e-mail dispatch.
The message is always sent to the line owner's address. This is identified via User administration

The contents of a notification can be customized with a template. The content of e-mails can be adapted with the help of XSL generate templates as html. View XSL templates.


  • Do not deliver
    No e-mail notifications for missed phone calls are dispatched.
  • first participants, who have not answered the call
    The first participant whose phone has rung receives the notification about the missed phone call.
  • last participants, who have not answered the call
    The last participant whose phone has rung receives the notification about the missed phone call.
  • all participants, who have not answered the call
    All participants whose phone has rung receive a notification about the unanswered phone call.
estos UCServer supports the recognition of parallel switchings, group calls, cyclic call distribution and redirection in the call phase. This helps prevent dual delivery of unanswered calls, even if the call rang on several phones.

Send e-mails from the client
If you don't have your own mail server, e-mails can be sent from the client. But we nevertheless recommend to send e-mails via the E-mail despatch of the estos UCServer. For this you can also use an external mail server.
This enables the dispatch of missed phone calls as e-mails, for example, to a mobile phone even if the personal computer is not running.

Send an email even if the call is accepted by another party
If this option is enabled an Email is sent to the called party even if the call is accepted by another party (e.g. per pickup).

Use the caller's e-mail address as the sender
If this option is active, the e-mail notification has the caller as a sender. With this option you permit a direct contact with the caller.

If you use a Groupware solution for absence notifications, the caller receives a message with the absence note you provided. With this the caller is informed when the person can be contacted again or if specified in the absence note they can contact a colleague.

Attach caller contact details as a vCard to the e-mail
Contact information which was established via the Contact search can be automatically attached as vCard to the e-mail. This also permits access to all the caller's contact data if you are not in the office.

Assign the following prefix to telephony links
Activate this option, if a phone number should be formatted as a link when sending notifications of missed calls through email. The reference line will take the place of the HRef attribute of the introductory <a> tag. This reference line may be standardized with the help of a prefix. The following prefixes may be preset by you.

  • tel: (default settings for Android, Blackberry and iOS, for example)
  • phone:
  • callto:
Furthermore, you have the option of assigning an individualized prefix (up to 9 characters plus terminator). Please note that the prefix must be terminated by a colon. If you do not want to use prefixes then deactivate this option. In that case, phone numbers will not be formatted as links in notification messages.


  • With internal calls
    No notifications are generated for internal calls.
  • Calls with hidden phone number
    No notifications are generated for calls with hidden numbers.
  • If no contact data could be found
    No notifications are generated for callers in which contact data couldn't be found.
  • With repeated phone calls on the same day
    If the caller phones more then once in the same day no notifications are generated.
  • With repeated phone calls, as long as the user hasn't logged on
    If the caller calls repeatedly and the user doesn't log onto the system, for example, because he is on vacation.
  • If the call rang for less than 2 seconds
    If the caller rang for less than 2 seconds and you don't return calls from colleagues or customers who accidentally dialed your number.
  • If the calling number has been stored in this list
    then you will be allowed to excluded certain extensions and phone numbers from the notification process. For example, the doorman's office may be stored in the list.

Use this language
You can set the language in which the e-mails are sent. The languages for which files exist in the languages directory are available.

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