Core services


Very specific basic services of the UCServer can be deactivated here for special deployment scenarios.

These basic services include:
Presence Management
- Presence
- Assignment of rights
- Chat
- Chat logging

It should be taken into consideration that this action will cause significant restrictions for the product features.

Presence Management
The accessibility of presence and the comfortability features can be affected by these settings.
Presence can be deactivated globally for the entire system. With that, the presence display in the clients will be grayed out and comfortability features like Inform About Status Changes or Set Rights will also no longer be available.

The assignment of rights from user to user in the entire system can be turned off using Users May Not Assign Rights, however without having to forego the presence display.

The text message features between users can be restricted here.
Text messages can be globally deactivated using the Prevent Global Chat option.

The Do Not Save Chat Messages in the Database option will prevent messages from being saved on the server. Thereby, users will also lose the ability to search for text in journals and continue conversations that have already been closed.

Version 5.1