Data from IBM Notes®

IBM Notes® address books can be integrated into estos ProCall One R2 as contact data sources. Apart from local address books, address books on a IBM® Domino server can also be used.

The integration allows contacts to be edited and opened directly in IBM Notes® from within estos ProCall One R2. New contacts can equally be created in IBM Notes® via estos ProCall One R2. Please bear in mind, however, that the functions for editing and creating contacts are only available if IBM Notes® is running.

Dialing phone numbers from within IBM Notes® using estos ProCall One R2 can be realized with scripts.

If a password is required for access to a IBM Notes® address book this must be entered when estos ProCall One R2 is started. Optionally, the password can also be saved in estos ProCall One R2.

Information about the integration, configuration and use of contact data sources can be found under data sources.

Version 5.1