Incoming calls

Support for Hotline-Services (client function)
The hotline service analyses the number called for incoming calls (multi-entity capability). Analysis of the number called can be used to differentiate between various companies if you have to announce yourself differently depending on the number called (e.g. for a secretarial service).

Activate the option Display called contact, so that the contact information is displayed in the Call window of an incoming phone call. What information should be displayed can be defined via a template.

Unanswered calls
estos ProCall One R2 detects calls that have not been answered. Notifications about these unanswered calls can be sent as email or text messages. Whether such notifications should be sent and the email address or provider that should be notified can be defined using these settings. Moreover, unanswered calls can be automatically marked as processed when a telephone call was made to the same contact at a later date.

In addition to the server-side search for client contacts, local client folders can be specified in the settings of the Data sources.
If the matching client contact should be opened automatically during the phone call, then it can be specified in the settings Actions.

Send unanswered call notificaitons as email

Send notifications to the following email address
If this option has been enabled, email will be sent upon receipt of an unanswered call according to the Send Email configuration.

Use the caller’s email address as the sender
If this option has been enabled, the sender address for the notification will be set to the caller. Doing so allows direct contact with the caller.

If a Groupware solution with absence notifications is used, the caller will receive a message with the provided absence note. This provides the caller with the best information about when a person can be contacted again or about contacting co-workers during the absence.

Attach caller contact details to the email as a vCard
Contact information determined through contact search can be automatically attached as vCard to an email. This allows access to all the caller's contact data, even when on the road.

Give Telephony link the following prefix
Enable this option, if a phone number should be formatted as a link when sending notifications of unanswered calls by email. The target will be specified in the hRef attribute of the introductory <a> tag. This target may be standardized with the help of a prefix. The following prefixes are available for pre-selection.

  • tel: (Preset setting for Android, Blackberry and iOS, for example)
  • phone:
  • callto:
Furthermore, you have the option of assigning an individualized prefix (up to 9 characters plus colon). Note: the prefix must be terminated by a colon. If you do not want to use prefixes then disable this option. In that case, phone numbers will not be formatted as links in notification messages.

Send unanswered calls as text message

Using the following provider:
If this option has been enabled, email will be sent upon receipt of an unanswered call according to the Send Text Message configuration.

Use the caller’s number as the sender address for the text message
Enable this option when the caller’s telephone number should be used as the sender address for the text message for notification of unanswered calls.


  • For internal calls
    No notifications will be sent for internal calls.
  • Calls with blocked phone numbers
    No notifications will be sent for calls with blocked numbers.
  • If contact data could be not determined
    No notifications will be sent for callers whose contact data could not be determined.
  • For calls repeated on the same day
    If the caller makes more than one attempt on the same day, no notifications will be sent.
  • For phone calls repeated without user login
    If calls are made repeatedly and the user has not log into the system, for example, because they are on vacation.
  • If the call rang for less than 2 seconds
    If the caller rang for less than 2 seconds. This prevents returning calls that were made unintentionally.
  • If the calling number has been stored in this list
    Permit the exclusion of certain extensions or phone numbers from notifications. Such numbers may include, for example, the reception desk.

Version 5.1