Function control via Windows® Registry

All necessary settings which are saved in the Windows® registry can be changed in the estos ProCall One R2 user interface. You can, nevertheless, also activate or deactivate special functions in estos ProCall One R2 by means of certain keys.

Please note that the functions mentioned here only make sense in exceptional cases and their use is not generally recommended.

All the following listed registry values are expected in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\estos\ProCallOne\CtiMain key. The registry value must be created below this key to enable the relevant function in estos ProCall One R2.

Registry entry Type Meaning
JournalAutoCreateFlags DWORD With this registry entry you can control whether estos ProCall One R2 generally automatically creates a journal entry in Outlook® for all incoming and/or outgoing calls.

Set the DWORD value to "1" to always automatically create an Outlook® journal entry for all incoming calls. With value "2", all outgoing calls are always included. Set the value to "3" to log all calls in Outlook®.
DWORD Use these two registry values if estos ProCall One R2 is to use neither Outlook® nor MAPI.

To switch off the connection to Outlook® or to not use MAPI, set both DWORD values to "0".

These registry entries have no effect if you do not have Outlook® installed or if no MAPI is available in the system. Please also note that these values have no effect on the Outlook® plug-in.
EnableLotusNotes DWORD Use this registry value if estos ProCall One R2 should not use IBM Notes® which is installed on the computer.

Set the DWORD value to "0" to switch off the connection to IBM Notes®.

This registry entry has no effect if you do not have IBM Notes® installed.
String Enter your Herold-API-Licence name or your Herold-API-Key here, if you want to give the licence name API and API-Key administratively. If so, the user cannot enter the licence name API and API-Key into the user interface.

The Registry data can be also rolled out by group guidelines.
DWORD Is a dialing of a phonenumber via Hotkey not working, so you can try to set a longer delay time, so the other applications have more time to put the selected text into the clipboard. For this the following keys are available:
  • HotkeyDelay = Waiting period in milliseconds until a new attempt will be started
  • HotkeyTimeout = Timout in milliseconds until the hotkey selection will be cancelled.

Version 5.1