Installation using group policies

You can install workstations in the network automatically with the help of the group policy. Proceed as follows:

  1. Define which components should be installed on the single workstations. Use the Windows® Installer in administrator mode for this. Start msiexec/a client.msi. You can now define a directory in which the prepared installation should be copied.
    This needs to be an accessible network share.
  2. Start the Active Directory® user and computer management console in which you configure your domain users. Group your users (or computers) in such a way that you have organisational units. You can create group guidelines for each organisation-unit which controls the automatic installation of software.
    Open an organisatonal unit's properties.
    Go to Group policy. Add a new group policy.
    Open group guidelines with Edit.
    Add either under computer configuration - software settings - software installation or under user configuration - software settings - software installation a new package.
    Then select the installation package previously prepared via the administrative installation. Read the appropriate documentation on Windows Server®, Active Directory® and group policies.

Version 5.1