SMS, E-Mail

Start chat

There are various ways of initiating a chat.

  •   SMS text to a single user:
    Everywhere you see a contact in estos ProCall One R2 you can send him a SMS text via the context menu or via the ActiveContacts. For this purpose the context menu offers all phone numbers which are to be found in the mobile phone number fields for the contact.


The initiator of a Chat is automatically the moderator. They have extended rights and can add and remove participants as well as appoint further moderators or remove moderator status.

  •   Add party
    After clicking the button to add users the search dialog opens in which you can see all internal users. Select one or more users and confirm the dialog to add the participants.
    Chat parties can be added per drag & drop to the Chat window (sending SMS messages for mobile contacts only, a estos UCServer Chat for internal users only).
    The maximum number of participants is limited to 30.
  •   Remove participant
    To remove a subscriber from the chat open the subscriber's context menu and select the relevant entry.
  •   Appoint subscriber as moderator:
    To appoint a subscriber as moderator, open the subscriber's context menu and select the relevant entry.
  •   Remove subscriber's moderator status:
    To remove a subscriber's moderator status, open the subscriber's context menu and select the relevant entry.


estos ProCall One R2 supports the following links in the chat window:

  • Phone numbers:
    Phone numbers are highlighted as such and can be selected by clicking them as long as they comply with the rules for the currently selected line's location. (phone:+4912345612, +49 123 456 - 12, 12 etc.)
  • E-mail links:
    E-mails are recognised and the default mail program is started by clicking it. (, etc.)
  • Web links:
    Recognises all Internet links such as. (http:, https:, www:, www2:, file:, ftp:, gopher:, ntp:, prospero:, telnet:, news:, wais:)
  • UNC paths:
    Recognises UNC paths. (\\server\directory\file)
If links contain whitespaces estos ProCall One R2 cannot find the beginning and the end of the link itself. If you place these links between < and > brackets the link is correctly recognised. <Link with space(s)>

Version 5.1