Core services

Phone number format, PC dialing
This option determines the phone number format for outgoing calls. Phone numbers are transfered in this format to the phone system.

  • Apply dialing rules (standard)
    Phone numbers are always formatted according to the dialing rules.
  • Always international super-canonical/E164
    Phone numbers are always converted into the super-canonical phone number format (e.g. +1891234567, also known as international E.164 format) before they are sent to the phone system. Only activate this option, if your phone system and the TAPI driver supports this phone number format.

Always enter the area code for local phone numbers.
If the area code must be dialed for calls in the local area, this option must be enabled. In some cases, IP Centrix providers require the call to be dialed with the corresponding area code.

Automatically re-dialing extensions
If a number to be dialed is longer than the maximum phone number length allowed in the corresponding target country, the number will be divided into sections and the first section dialed and then the remaining section dialed as a DTMF number after the connection has been made. This currently applies for countries like the United States, Russia and Taiwan. The maximum phone number length is defined in the countries.xml and cities.xml files. If the option has been deactivated, the telephone system will have to emulate this behavior.

Abbreviate Phone Numbers before Dialing
Long phone numbers from other locations will be abbreviated to the DDI phone numbers before dialing. The rules to be determined for this will be displayed under PC Dialing. If dialing between locations requires cross-network identifiers, the rules will have to be configured manually from PC Dialing.

Version 5.1