Notification window

Notification windows can draw the user's attention to certain presence changes of contacts in Favorites. These appear for specially selected user then a small notification window, in the short type of change is indicated and which contact is concerned.

Notification in case of the following event:

  • Contact becomes available.
    The notification window appears when a tagged contact logs on, switches from the status "Inactive" to "Available" or switches from "Absent" to "Available".
  • Contact signs out.
    The notification window indicates when a tagged contact signs out.
  • Contact has a call to pick up.
    The notification window appears when a call rings for the tagged contact while the tagged contact is not "available", but contact permits picking the call.

Display duration
The notification window will fade out after a certain time. With this setting, you can define the time period yourself.

Transparency, support display and fading out
The notification window supporty transparency and generally fades in and out. If you do not wish to use this function, deactivate transparency.

Window position
The position can be defined where a notification window opened by estos ProCall should be shown.

  • Default position (task bar icon)
    estos ProCall will open a new window at a apropriate position on the screen. Other already open windows of estos ProCall will not be overlaped.
  • Remember last position
    A notification window will appear at the same position where you have closed it or it was automatically hidden.
  • Define position using preview
    Open a notification window with the button "Preview" and position it where future windows are to be opened.Moving the message box has no effect on the display position.

Version 5.1