Do not display status reports
If you activate this option, no status reports on the chat and your callers will be shown.

Display time without user interaction
If you didnt respond to a new chat, the chat window will be faded out after a specific time and a new chat will be added to the speech bubble info window. As soon as you respond to a chat message, the window will not be faded out automatically any more.

Transparency, support display and fading out
The chat window supports transparency and is generally faded in and out. If you do not wish to use this function, deactivate transparency.

Window position
You can determine where a message window opened by estos ProCall should be displayed.

  • Default position (task bar icon)
    ProCall opens the chat window to a suitable location on the screen. Other, already opened windows of ProCall are not superimposed.
  • Remember last position
    If you close a message window, the position is stored and displays new windows there.
  • Define position using preview
    Open a chat window with the button "Preview" and place this at the position where future windows are to be opened. As soon as you close the window, the position will be stored.
  • At mouse position
    The mouse cursor will be used as a reference position, so that the window will always appear in the immediate vicinity of the window(s) being used for work.

These settings do not apply for chats that have been started by the user. In this case, the message window will always be opened at the mouse position.

Version 5.1