Main window

The main window estos ProCall gives you access to the functions supporting your everyday work.

The significant sections of the main window will be described by the following material.

[1] My own presence
[2] Search input
[3] Tabs for Contact Search, Favorites, Journal , missed and planned calls

My presence

The My Presence section will show you the most important information about your presence, the status of your phone lines and audio/video device and your upcoming appointments. In addition to these visualizations you can change your presence state, forward phone calls and access your calendar. For information about your own presence, see the the My Presence section.

Main menu

The main menu can be opened with the main menu button   which is situated in the top right corner.

It has features which will support you in your daily routine or with which you can adjust estos ProCall to your personal needs.

  •   Display monitor
    Click here to start and display the Monitor. You can store important contacts for quick access in the monitor and order them in groups and sub-groups.
  •   Journal browser
    This menu item will open the Journal Browser. In contrast with the Journal Tab on the main window, you will be able to track all available journal entries.
  •   Chat history
    This menu item will open the Chat History in order to review your chat sessions with other other estos ProCall users.
  •   Inbox
    This entry opens Outlook® to show you your inbox.
  •   Settings
    Click here to open the Settings. Here you can define or change the most important estos ProCall settings.
  •   Help
    Opens this online help
  •   About ProCall
    Here you get information about the product version of estos ProCall and you have the possibility to get more detailled support informations and log files.
  •   Exit
    Exit estos ProCall

Search input line

You can use the search input at any time to quickly find your contacts or to simply dial a number. You can immediately re-use the contacts found in the Search tab or save them in the Favourites tab or the Monitor for later use.


The following tabs can be put in the foreground:

  • Contact search
    Lists the hits for a contact search
  • Favorites
    Space for your most important contacts and speed-dial keys
  • Journal
    Collects the last calls made and received
  • Unprocessed
    Saves the incoming calls and chats which you did not answer
  • Planned
    Saves the planned calls

Version 5.1